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Hi, I'm Ivana. Musician, singer, songwriter, writer, singing and Alexander Technique teacher and psychologist. I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina based in Barcelona since 2018.


I make songs to connect worlds, land dreams, play games, and remember our magic.

Through music I free myself and flow a little more every day. My wish is to generate these feelings in my listeners and in my students. That they connect with themselves and feel more joyful and close to their essence.


My music is based on folk guitar and voice and from there flirts with different genres, from bolero and copla, to soul and punk.

I am inspired by love, lack of love and magic and poetry that are hidden in little things and everyday experiences.


Latin American singer-songwriters, the folk current of the United States, the voices of Jazz, the pop of the 80s and 90s and the Argentine national rock nourish and influence my music from my beginnings.


In 2009 I published No te duermas , my first album, produced by Alfonso Barbieri and Leandro Rossi. No te duermas was very well received by the press and featured guests such as Coiffeur on the song "Ahora", Pedro Rossi on guitar and Pablo Jivotovschii on violin, among others.

In 2013 I released my Cursi ep which was featured on Café Vinilo.


Since 2009 I have performed in different spaces in Buenos Aires and its surroundings, sharing concerts with Coiffeur, Lucas Martí, Jimena López Chaplin, Ivo Ferrer and other renowned musicians from the Argentine music scene.

I gave concerts in the auditorium CC de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, La Cigale, Le Bar, CC Matienzo, Ultra Bar and El centro cultural de la cooperación, the Night of the Museums, the Metropolitan theater and I played in various spaces around CABA , in La Plata and Guadalajara, Mexico.


Then came a musical parenthesis in which I was trained as an Alexander technique teacher and then I recorded and released Flores Nuevas, my third album at the end of 2018. The album was produced by Juan Ignacio Serrano and had the participation of great musicians like Jano Seitun and Facundo Flores and was presented in Buenos Aires in Galpón b in 2019.

I am currently working on new songs that will be released soon while I continue to develop my teaching activity.

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